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🐛 Bug fixes

February 23rd, 2021

Card view for Tours: Finding the right Tour has never been easier (visual thinkers – this one’s for you). Sort my Tours by cards.

Bulk archiving for Tours: You can now remove all old and irrelevant Tours from your view by archiving them. Start sorting them.

Filtering available for all Experiences: Filtering is now available for Tooltips, Launchers, and Microsurveys too so you can quickly view relevant Experiences in your Dashboard.

📥 Making it easier to get help: Chameleons like to blend in, but our help widget was a bit too camouflaged on the left. The "Get Help" Launcher (built with Chameleon) now lives at the bottom right of your Dashboard.

📥 Improved loading for Segments: If you are using larger Segments, you can review your segment data even while the total number of users is still loading.

🐛 Improved Microsurvey analytics: Deleting survey responses will now immediately update Microsurvey stats.

🐛 Accurate Panels: Builder Panels (e.g. for editing titles, canvas, etc.) remain fixed on your Experience or quickly re-settle into place, even when scrolling.

February 9th, 2021

Organize your Experiences and your team with these latest updates:

Tour filtering: Find the Tour you need in seconds – filter with multiple conditions including name, creator, segments, status, URLs, and/or tags. Try it out in your Dashboard.

SAML SSO is out of beta: Keep your Chameleon account organized and safe by managing access via your SSO provider. Send us an email to get set up with this add-on.

📥 Download CSV files of your Experiences: Choose which columns to display, arrange in the order you want, filter your results, and download your custom CSV straight from your Dashboard.

📥 unsafe-eval and unsafe-inline no longer required: Chameleon previously required these exceptions within Content Security Policies, but this has now been removed! Learn more about CSPs.

January 27th, 2021

Our chameleons ate a lot of bugs this week, among other updates:

Tooltips page in the Dashboard: Review your Tooltips and see performance data from your Dashboard.

Release Log: See and share all our product updates, right here as you are now!

🐛 Emoji show in response data: Less :heart_eyes:, more 😍. Emoji now appear as expected when you view your Microsurvey responses.

🐛 Comments Step on Microsurveys now removable: Need feedback in just one click? Microsurveys no longer require a comments Step. Learn more about Microsurvey configuration.

🐛 Step URL correctly reflected in Sidebar: After releasing multiple URL matching, the Builder summary didn’t correctly reflect the conditions set on the first Step, but this is now fixed.

🐛 Microsurveys stay in style: Styling set on Microsurveys will apply to all Steps to maintain consistency from one Step to the next.

🐛 Bug resolved on fixed element Steps: Fixed Steps were scrolling with the page – this has now been resolved so that these Steps remain sticky.

🐛 "Click anywhere" bug resolved: There was an issue where "click anywhere" to dismiss or progress in a Tour was not functioning when a lightbox or shroud was used. Now working as expected.

January 19th, 2021

New year, new features. In the last few weeks, we've shipped:

Updated UI for Experiences. Review heaps of Microsurvey, Launcher, or Tour data at a glance with larger graphs and custom date ranges. Dig into your data

Multiple URL matching conditions. Go deeper with your targeting. You can now add multiple URL conditions e.g. URL contains “home” but does not contain “admin”. Learn more about URL matching

🐛 Bug fix for media sources. Fixed an issue where Vimeo and YouTube videos would not preview nor display when added as a media source. Now working as expected. Add media to your Experiences

📥 Improved Dashboard tables. Choose the columns you want to display and pick the order in which they’re shown for easy reporting. Set the table 👇

Tables improvements

December, 18th 2020

Your final product update of 2020, this week we released:

Mixpanel integration in open beta. Use Mixpanel cohorts to target Chameleon Experiences. Set it up from your Dashboard

SAML 2.0 SSO private beta. You can now control access to Chameleon via your SSO provider. Currently in private beta for Growth plan customers—send us a message if you’re interested in learning more.

🐛 Microsurvey analytics fixes. Better pagination of responses, responses listed in the table now appear as per date-range set, and short-code emoji :blush: now show as emoji 😊 View your analytics

📥 Team management improvements. Admins can now make changes in bulk to team members’ roles. Review and update your team

December, 11th 2020

This week we shipped:

Dropdown Microsurveys. More options, multi-select, and randomization options. Give it a go

Updated HubSpot integration. More reliable and effective. Target static and dynamic HubSpot user lists with Chameleon. Set up the integration

New webhooks. Send real-time data when Tours are started, exited, or buttons clicked. See developer docs (limited to Chameleon Growth plans)

Account picker. You can now have multiple Chameleon accounts—great for separating data, styles, and access. Growth plans add-on. Interested? Send us a message and we can help set you up.

December, 4th 2020

Your espresso shot of key product updates to stay in the loop. This week we shipped:

Slack integration. Choose Microsurvey responses to share with your team—now out of beta. Set up the integration

📥 New Builder settings. Turn on Experiences for mobile devices, allow HTML in Steps, and disable custom code. Enable new settings

📥 DPA available to sign. We updated our agreement to include Model Clauses and conform with the demise of the US-EU Privacy Shield. Email us to sign a DPA together

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