Great products use Chameleon to power growth

Quartzy drives user activation with Chameleon product tours

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We ran an A/B test and churn decreased by 10% for users that were shown Chameleon tours.


Chameleon helped us increase conversions from our free demo by 36%.

Voxox reduced churn by 50% with Chameleon onboarding tours.

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Sentient saved 5 hours of support calls per week with feature tutorials

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In a short amount of time we've seen the number of trial users increase by 85%!

We needed our users to opt-in and Chameleon made it super-quick to build and launch a consent modal right inside our product!

Airship persuaded 10% of its users to adopt a feature with one message.

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Chameleon is the most engaging feature we currently have on our platform for a first time user.

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Chameleon has helped us engage 50% more users with new features. That easily helps argue for the budget to use it.

Since Chameleon, we’ve spent far less time on repetitive small tasks. The more complicated your product, the more you need this.

Highspot built a best-in-class growth stack with Chameleon's product and expertise

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Our developers strongly prefer Chameleon to Pendo, and so do I. Chameleon's Tours are superior to Pendo's.

One of the most impressive things about Chameleon is the pace of development. The product keeps getting easier to use!

The level of support I've experienced with Chameleon is unlike any other company; they are responsive, proactive and care. I cannot recommend them enough!

With Chameleon, I can construct, customize, and publish a tour in less than 10 minutes! Even after a tour goes live, I can quickly edit the steps to best cater to what users are responding to.

Chameleon is 10x cheaper than engineers

Any announcement about the product experience we want to make can be done in seconds with Chameleon. In-house, it would take at least 2 days and several mediums to propagate the information

Customers have seen this as a welcome change. We need to send them fewer emails, and they feel more informed and included.

Chameleon powers PeopleGrove's cutting-edge beta testing and rapid user feedback collection.

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