Use Cases

Better User Onboarding

Increase new user retention by helping people find “aha!” moments.

Used by
  • Icons 500Product Marketing
  • Icons 600Growth Teams
  • Reiterate value proposition
    Users need reminding of the benefits of your product (why they signed-up) to provide them continued motivation to proceed.
  • Highlight 2-3 core concepts
    Instead of an intricate tour that tries to do too much, focus on explaining the core tenets of your product and let users explore the details.
  • Show clear next step to take
    Often users don’t know the path to success; make it easy by highlighting actions they should take to find the value they are seeking.

Customer Testimonial

Directly uses Chameleon to help onboard new agents

Chameleon is the most engaging feature we currently have on our platform for a first time user.

Rey Ferolino, Operations Manager

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Improve user onboarding today

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