Empower your team to drive product success

A suite of products for user onboarding, feature launches and continuous feedback


NPS, CSAT, CES, Opt-in and other feedback types


Help, Info, Hotspot, Beacon, Labels and more styles


Flows, Walkthroughs, Guides and Tutorials


Checklist, Help, Notifications and other widgets

Estimate your cost based on your product's monthly users

Startup plan price adjusted and charged automatically each month; overages in Growth and Enterprise plans billed via invoice

Uniquely identified profiles sent to Chameleon in prior 30 days.

Compare Plans

You get a lot more with Chameleon.

See the detailed plan differences below.

Plan Features
Icons 400
Maximum users in your account
Icons 300
T&Cs, contracts and SLAs
Standard online
Icons 100
Billing cycle
Monthly payments via credit card; annual via ACH
Icons 100
User Permissions
Restrict who can publish Experiences live
Icons 300
Icons 500
Advanced Security
Access to SOC 2 report; any custom security needs
Icons 300 Icons 300
Access mgmt via Okta, Azure, MS AD etc. Enforced Google OAuth available for all plans.
Patterns and Design
tours Created with Sketch.
Flows / Walkthroughs / Guides / Tutorials
Icons 300 Icons 300 Icons 300
Help, Info, Hotspot, Beacon, Labels and more styles
Icons 300 Icons 300 Icons 300
NPS, CSAT, CES, Opt-in and custom feedback types
Launchers Created with Sketch.
Checklists, Help Widgets, Notifications Center etc.
Icons 100
Custom CSS
Use for granular styling control over any/all Experiences
Icons 300 Icons 300 Icons 300
Targeting & Reporting
Icons 300
Audience Segments
Target users based on a variety of data sources
Icons 300 Icons 300 Icons 300
just-me-segment-icon Created with Sketch.
Dynamic Personalization
Change content and styles based on user or account
Icons 300 Icons 300 Icons 300
Icons 200
Sharing Links
Generate unique shortlinks for Tours to share manually
Icons 300 Icons 300 Icons 300
Icons 300
Event Triggering
Show Experiences based on real-time event data
Icons 300 Icons 300 Icons 300
Icons 200
Experience Reporting
Dashboard to view performance of all your Experiences
Icons 300 Icons 300 Icons 300
Icons 400
Show Tours to a randomized sample of users, with full tracking
Icons 300 Icons 300
Icons 200
Conversion tracking (Goals)
Measure conversion based on in-product events
Icons 300
Rate Limiting
Set a maximum frequency for which users see Experiences
Single Limit
Multiple Limits
Create alternative versions based on language
coming soon
Install via and use Segment as a Data Source and Destination
Icons 300 Icons 300 Icons 300
Icons 300
Send data to and get data from Mixpanel, Amplitude, Heap
Icons 300 Icons 300 Icons 300
segment-intercom-icon Created with Sketch.
Send data to Intercom, and open Messenger from a Tour or Launcher
Icons 300 Icons 300 Icons 300
Push Survey responses to your team Slack for greater visibility
Icons 300 Icons 300 Icons 300
reorder-icon Created with Sketch.
Get and send data from and to other tools and systems
Single Trigger
All Triggers
All Triggers
Icons 100
Open APIs
Access to our APIs to upload or download any data
Icons 300 Icons 300 Icons 300
Icons 200
Enterprise CRMs
Hubspot and Salesforce integrations
Icons 300
Support & Services
Icons 100
Help Center
Our extensive knowledge base for self-serve learning
Icons 300 Icons 300 Icons 300
Icons 300
Get help for troubleshooting or issues
Email & Zoom
Email & Zoom
Icons 600
Go-Live Plan
Technical implementation coaching to go-live quickly
Icons 300 Icons 300
Icons 100
Success Packages
Regular expert sessions and custom training to increase value over time
Bronze included
Gold included
preview-icon Created with Sketch.
Request a Review
Asynchronous design feedback for any Experience
1 / month

Not sure if Chameleon is the right fit? We can help you decide

Product-led companies that chose Chameleon

Hidden power under the hood

Functionality to support your unique product

Chameleon is built to operate smoothly inside a wide variety of application environments

Dynamic URLs

Match URLs with partial text, dynamic variables or regular expressions (regex) and enable for multiple subdomains.

Icons 700
Select the right element

Made easy using our point-and-click tool, with adjustment via individual selectors and CSS path.

Shadow DOM; no problem

Chameleon supports nested elements, including within a shadow DOM structure.

app-window-flash Created with Sketch.
Single Page Apps

Show and hide interactions based on page elements and how users act, without page loads or extra code.

js-1 Created with Sketch.
Use any framework

We operate regardless of framework, and have customers using Angular, React, Node, Ember and others.

app-window-check Created with Sketch.
For all browsers

All modern browsers supported for building and viewing Chameleon experiences.

Real-time display

Show experiences instantly based on user data (events or attributes), without requiring page reloads or extra code.

Leverage webhooks

Use incoming webhooks from your backend or other services to trigger experiences or update content.

multiple-users-2 Created with Sketch.
Nested properties

Use grouped, nested and meta properties to target users based on their company or organization.

Svg Vector Icons : http://www.onlinewebfonts.com/icon
Liquid markup

Use dynamic content using variables (based on user data) to display ultra-personalized content at scale.

party-mask Created with Sketch.
Anonymous visitors

Use Chameleon before a user signs-up by assigning them a random user ID.

Icons 300
Accessibility compatible

Support for keyboard shortcuts for users to exit or engage within displayed steps on screen.

phone-type Created with Sketch.
Mobile friendly

We are responsive and support mobile web, but can also turn off tours to mobile devices by default.

programming-browser Created with Sketch.
Seamless iframes

Use element targeting and all other functionality within iframes after installation.

app-window-lock Created with Sketch.
SSL security

We maintain robust security standards and use best in class services. Read more here.

Companies should invest almost as much in onboarding as in the main product. Sometimes more.

Josh Elman, Partner

Pricing FAQs

Answers to common questions

How are Monthly Users (MTUs) calculated?

MTUs refers to monthly tracked users, which we calculate as the number of individuals (represented by their unique user ID) who are tracked to Chameleon in the prior month.

A individual can be tracked to Chameleon either by loading a page where the Chameleon snippet is installed or by sending server-side data about that user to Chameleon via our APIs.

We use this as part of our pricing because our costs are proportional to the number of users we need to track and maintain data for, and the number of API calls we need to make.

Is there a free trial?

You can try Chameleon for free by signing-up and using our Chrome extension to build and preview tours on your site. There is no time limit for this, and whenever you’re ready to activate your guidance, you can proceed with purchasing a plan or contacting us for a quote.

How does this compare to building in-house?

Building in-house will allow you to make a fully custom and integrated experience. However it might be difficult to continually iterate and improve this, or create variants for different user groups.

Teams often underestimate how expensive it is to rely on engineering resources, but you can estimate this using this build vs. buy calculator.

The benefits of using Chameleon include how quickly you can begin to help users, automatically collecting data to optimize your guidance, and a solution that gets better with time!

Can I cancel at any time?

We would be sad to see you go, and if there is nothing we can do to persuade you to stay then you’re welcome to cancel at any time, and you won’t be billed for the subsequent period. If you’re unhappy at any stage please let us know and we will try to solve any issues you’re having.

Do I need a developer to get started?

You can try Chameleon without a credit card or developer within your sandbox environment. This is available in your dashboard and does not need any code installation.

To build Experiences within your actual product or application, you will need to install the Chameleon code snippet. If you use Segment or Google Tag Manager you may not need a developer, but if not, you will need someone who is able to add the code snippet manually. Learn more here.

This process is short (minutes or hours) and afterwards you will not need to rely on any future developer time.

Don't waste engineering resources

Use Chameleon to control and improve your user experience