A plan for everyone

All plans include

  • Unlimited usage
    Build guidance for different products, use cases and objectives.
  • Full organization access
    No limitations on seats: invite all your teammates to leverage Chameleon!
  • Data & JS API
    Download (or upload) your data and send to other services.
  • Money-back guarantee
    Get a full refund within the first month if you're unhappy.
  • Flexible pricing
    Only pay for active and unique users, in granular increments not broad buckets
  • Knowledge base
    Extensive help articles, videos and webinars to help you learn more

How many monthly active users do you have?

We track your active users to enable you to show the right tour to the right person, so our cost is proportional to your MAUs

More features

More power under the hood

Built so your engineers can focus on your core product

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Single page apps

Show and hide interactions based on what elements are on the page and how users act, without requiring page refreshes or different URLs.

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Any framework

We operate regardless of framework, and have customers using Angular, React, Node, Ember and others.

Dynamic subdomains

Different subdomains for your customers or URLs containing unique IDs? We can handle that with dynamic variables or regular expressions within URLs.

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Mobile friendly

We are responsive and support mobile web, but can also turn off tours to mobile devices by default.

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Anonymous visitors

Want to use Chameleon on a trial account before a user signs-up? We’ll automatically assign a user ID and let you update it later. Coming soon.

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Use iframes within your application? Install our code within each iframe and then use Chameleon seamlessly across iframes.

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Account-based marketing

We can group users by company or organization, so you can target based on account. We also handle nested or meta properties.

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SSL security

We maintain robust security standards and use best in class services. Read more about our security practices here.

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Any browser

You can use your preferred browser to build and publish product tours, although we recommend using Google Chrome.

Watch a demo

Prefer a video? Get a quick overview before you get started or contact us.

Watch Demo

Companies should invest almost as much in onboarding as in the main product. Sometimes more.

Josh Elman, Partner

Pricing FAQs

Answers to common questions

How are MAUs calculated?

MAUs refers to monthly active users, which we calculate as the number of people (represented by their unique user ID) that visit any page on which your Chameleon code snippet is installed, within the past month.

We use this as part of our pricing, because we track all your active users to enable us to show the right tour to the right person. Therefore our costs are proportional to your number of users, and we hope to provide you more value as your active user base grows.

You can try Chameleon for free by signing-up and using our Chrome extension to build and preview tours on your site. There is no time limit for this, and whenever you’re ready to activate your guidance, you can proceed with purchasing a plan or contacting us for a quote.

We would be sad to see you go, and if there is nothing we can do to persuade you to stay then you’re welcome to cancel at any time, and you won’t be billed for the subsequent period. If you’re unhappy at any stage please let us know and we will try to solve any issues you’re having.

No, you can start building tours with the Chameleon Chrome Extension, without a developer. To activate any guidance live, you will need to implement the Chameleon code snippet into the codebase of your site, for which you may need a developer.

Building in-house will allow you to make a fully custom and integrated experience. However it might be difficult to continually iterate and improve this, or create variants for different user groups.

Teams often underestimate how expensive it is to rely on engineering resources, but you can estimate this using this build vs. buy calculator.

The benefits of using Chameleon include how quickly you can begin to help users, automatically collecting data to optimize your guidance, and a solution that gets better with time!

Don't waste engineering resources

Use Chameleon to control and improve your user experience