Google Analytics

Use GA to analyze Chameleon tours alongside your other web data

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Data Destination

Data Destination Use GA as a data destination: send Chameleon tour data to GA and visualize how users interact with your web pages and product tours together. Review how users from different sources behave and what they do after seeing a tour.

About Google Analytics

Digital Analytics for SMEs

Build a complete picture of your site and connect with other Google products in media, publishing, machine learning and others.

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Use Cases

Create better product tours by knowing where users are coming from

Better User Onboarding

Increase new user retention by helping people find “aha!” moments.

Increase Feature Adoption

Highlight new, critical or undiscovered features to drive deeper engagement.

Reduce Support Tickets

Reduce waiting times with interactive guidance when users need it most.

About Chameleon

Take users from 🤔 to 😍

Build interactive product guidance without engineering.

Interactive product guidance