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Create, preview and publish your tour from right inside your own product.

Start Building Tours

Easy Installation

Install our JavaScript snippet using Segment with two clicks, or manually in a few minutes. Or use our Chrome Extension to start building locally.


The Chameleon Sidebar lets you see exactly what you're building in real-time. Build and manage tours when convenient, without ever leaving your site.

Instant Publishing

You can preview, publish and unupublish tours with a single click. Make changes and push live when ready - no need to wait for release cycles.

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Select from different templates, and use fonts & colors to match your style.

Start Customizing

Tour Templates

Choose any combination of modals (with media), infotips (anchored to the page), lightboxes (to highlight elements) and hotspots (pulsing beacons).

Your Branding

Customize your tour designs with your brand colors and fonts so they feel native to your product. Style text using markdown (like in Slack or Github).

Custom CSS

Make your designers happy with full control over styling to make tours look completely native with custom CSS.

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Personalize and optimize tours for different user segments.

Start Building Segments

User Groups

Create and save user groups based on user properties and / or actions, to target with tours. For example, show variations based on where users came from or what they have done in your product.

Sequenced Tours

Use simple logic to show tours based on whether users completed other tours. Build sequential user learning over the product lifecycle, depending on how users interact with tours.

Simple Setup

Use any data you already collect (sent via our integrations / API) and even define and save specific events right from the Sidebar. Feel empowered without relying or waiting on developers.

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Display tours activated by user behavior in your product.

Start Creating Triggers

Responsive Learning

Trigger tours to react to what users have and have not done in your product. Provide guidance that is completely relevant and actionable by users.


Use our URL redirection to automatically navigate users to different parts of your product from any tour step, or add external links in the step copy.

Tour Hierarchy

Prioritize which tours should be shown first by simply re-ordering the list. Avoid any conflicts because only one tour per page shows at any one time.

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Seamless analytics collection and syndication to make you data-driven

Start by Integrating

Automatic Tracking

Tour data (started, completed, exited, converted) automatically collected, and attached to users, without requiring any additional setup.

Consolidated Insights

Seamlessly connect your analytics tools to see tour data for each user. Compare tour data with product data to get a holistic view of user engagement and tour performance.

A/B Testing

Run A/B or multivariate tests so you can iterate on tours just like your product or website. Improve design, copy and targeting with our built-in testing framework.

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Connect with experts to improve your understanding.

Start with a Review

Great Support

Talk to our team via the channel of your choice (email, phone, chat) to quickly resolve any questions or issues. Use our support documentation for design guidance self-serve help.

Expert Advice

Access to free reviews of your tours and insights from our collective experience of improving user nboarding across many products. We are committed to helping you reach your objectives.

UX Community

Join our Slack community to find other product managers, designers, marketers, customer success managers and founders discussing better user onboarding and in-product learning.

Spend engineering time on your core product

Use Chameleon to easily build and optimize your product tours