Get Users to Take Action 🎯

Go beyond email and messaging with interactive product tours

Interactive & Embedded

Create tooltips, hotspots, modals etc. that highlight and explain your interface

Launch Messenger

Open the Intercom Messenger from a Chameleon Experience (e.g. Launcher)

Self-Service Guidance

Let users search for and start product tours from Intercom Messenger

Great for user onboarding

Show, don't tell

Emails and chat are for reading and conversation; product tours drive action and usage.

Get started

Great for support & success

Help users learn by doing

Supplement help docs with interactive product tours that users can take when they need help.

Learn more

Videos or articles are kinda like reading a book, and doing an in-app tour is kinda like practicing. Chameleon makes that happen.

Try it for free, without commitment

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