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Streamline GDPR Compliance

Get consent from users inside your product using Chameleon

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Chameleon makes in-product compliance easy

Show notifications and get consent without engineering

To be GDPR compliant, companies need to obtain data consent from their users. This has to happen inside your product (email is not enough) and before May 25, 2018.

Chameleon takes the stress out of doing this by enabling you to easily build in-product modals that can inform users about changes to your policies and get their opt-in. You can also direct them to more information about your compliance and related functionality.

See a privacy modal example

  • Notify about policy changes
    Inform users about privacy policy or terms and conditions changes while users are active inside the product.
  • Gain opt-in for marketing
    GDPR requires re-consent from old users to continue to email them. Target older users in your product with an opt-in modal.
  • Drive adoption of new GDPR functionality
    Your product team may have spent a lot of time building functionality to support GDPR. Direct users to this as they are using your product.

We needed our users to opt-in and Chameleon made it super-quick to build and launch a consent modal right inside our product!

Lauren Denault, Vice President of Customer Success

Once a user provides consent or opts-in, Chameleon can automatically update user data in tools like Segment, Intercom, or Hubspot.

Create your own consent modal

Chameleon is committed to privacy and security and is fully GDPR compliant. Learn more about how we handle new EU regulations on data privacy and management.

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