Built To Be Native

Extend your product's reach with full customization of styling, positioning and content.


Express Yourself

Convey the voice of your brand. Use your own fonts, format it with markdown, personalize with user variables, and add emojis to make your content come alive 🎉


Keep Designers Happy

Have super strict design standards? Match your style perfectly with custom CSS. Or add specific components (like forms) using HTML.


Pick Your Spot

Draw attention to a specific part of your interface, by positioning relative to a specific element and adding a dark shroud around it.


Ready When You Are

Trigger interactions when a user clicks, hovers or enters text so your tour steps stay relevant and contextual.


Enjoy The Show

Sometimes you just need to show it. Supplement your text by uploading your own images or gifs and embedding videos from any well-known hosting site.


Attract Attention

Tailor your interface with custom icons or unique graphics as click targets and calls to action.


Show The Way

Make it easier for users by redirecting them to the right page, firing a click on a specific element, or executing a custom flow when they click the button.

Create Something Beautiful

Craft the perfect product tour first, then share with your team to get their applause 👏 and support.