Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions our
 customers might ask.

How does Chameleon work?

You implement Chameleon using a JavaScript snippet in your codebase which allows Chameleon to show product tours. You use the tour builder to create a tour, which only admins see. Once you’re happy with it you can publish it to your users. You can then return at any time to edit (including disable) and analyze the tour from the Chameleon in-app sidebar. See what Chameleon looks like here.

Which platforms does Chameleon support?

At this stage we are web-only and browser based, and will provide support for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (9 onwards) which account for almost 95% of market share.

Is it not easier to build this in-house?

No - people usually underestimate how expensive it is to use engineering resources. You can assess this for your team by using this build vs. buy calculator. We have also found that in-house onboarding is not optimized or regularly updated, leaving a sub-optimal user experience.

Why is Chameleon better than a jQuery library or self-built product tour?

With Chameleon you save time for your engineers to focus on building core product. Non-technical people can comfortably use the tool, and iterate without waiting on release cycles and deployments. We also have built in analytics, user segmentation and testing to enable you to create the best personalized experience for your users.

Is it easy to implement Chameleon?

Yes; it’s as simple as any adding a few lines of code in your <head> tag, similar to how an analytics tools (such as Mixpanel and KISSmetrics) operate. To show variations of your tour by user group you can send us properties on which you would like to create segments. Read our installation guide here.

Does installing Chameleon affect page performance?

No, the Chameleon code snippet has a negligible impact in your page's load times. The lightweight JS file loads asynchronously (i.e. loads in parallel with other items on your page, and doesn't prevent other things loading) and has a small memory and CPU footprint. The snippet makes a single request and keeps the information cached for 7 days, to further optimize speed. If you want to learn more then please email us at

Who sees the tours I build?

Our most common use case is for first-time users to see a tour once. However you can show tours to only a subset of users, or variations to different groups. To learn how to target users, read this.

Who sees the Chameleon Tour Builder on my site?

Only administrators (you and those you authorize can see the Tour Builder) will be able to see it when logged in to your own app. It won’t be visible to any visitors on your site or app.

What happens when my application changes - will the tours still work?

Tour steps are typically linked to a URL and sometimes a specific element. You can change parts of your page and the tour will remain functional unless that URL or element disappears. In that case that step simply won’t show and we’ll alert you about this.

Can I export the data from my tours?

Yes, we integrate with many analytics tools (see list here) and you can also download your data via our API. We also have funnel reporting for your tours, and you can read all about the data we collect and export here.

Can I try Chameleon before buying?

Yes, you can try Chameleon by building as many tours. Once you are ready to test tours live, you can begin a 14 day trial. After that point we will require you to be on a paid plan to continue with live tours. You can view our pricing here.

Can I cancel at any time?

We would be sad to see you go, and if there is nothing we can do to persuade you to stay then you’re welcome to cancel at any time, and you won’t be billed for subsequent months. If you’re unhappy at any stage please let us know and we will try to solve any issues you’re having.

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