Integrations User Guides

How to set up and use our integrations


Sending Chameleon data to Intercom

Chameleon will automatically send tour performance data, for each user, to Intercom.

You can then utilize this to send Intercom messages accordingly.

Targeting Chameleon tours by Intercom segments

You can create dynamic groups of users within Intercom using the Segments feature and then use these to show Chameleon tours to.

Once you have connected Intercom, then these segments will appear within the Intercom segment dropdown when creating a segment in Chameleon.

For example, you could target users such as:

  • Power users
  • Requested certain feature
  • Important customers

You can set up these segments using all the events and user attributes available within Intercom.

This would be nice as a callout We sync Intercom segments in 15 minute intervals, up to 10k users per segment..

Launching Intercom messenger from Chameleon step

To connect Intercom messaging with Chameleon tours even more deeply, you can now launch an Intercom chat message from a Chameleon tour step. You can pre-configure the default message content, and use this to begin a conversation with users.

This can be helpful for:

  • Getting feedback on certain features
  • Asking users where they got stuck or confused
  • Starting sales or upsell conversations

We're always looking to improve our integrations, especially with Intercom, so please do let us know if you have any ideas by emailing