How do I get Chameleon working?

Get Chameleon installed and get tips for troubleshooting issues. Set up analytics, install across multiple domains, and debug your tours.

What does Chameleon look like?

Chameleon is a platform for better onboarding -- to build and optimize product tours without writing code.

Installing Chameleon

Getting Chameleon installed, the four minute guide Chameleon works using JavaScript - you install a...

Managing domains

How to use Chameleon across different environments and domains

Integrations User Guides

How to set up and use our integrations

How do I login to Chameleon?

Chameleon consists of two parts: the in-app editing Sidebar (tour builder) and the settings Dashboard. The...


Sidebar not showing If you don't see the Sidebar but expect to, please first do a page refresh. If you...

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Chameleon work? You implement Chameleon using a JavaScript snippet in your codebase which allows...