How Chameleon stands apart

The advantages of choosing Chameleon will only increase with time

Designed for simplicity

Chameleon sits on top of your product so is easily accessible and doesn't require importing your site into an iFrame or installing a Firefox extension to use.

Zero engineering time

Use our Segment integration to install with two clicks. Define and track events using our simple wizard so no need to rely on your developers.

Advanced integrations

One-click integrations that allow you to analyze tour performance within your existing analytics tools, alongside your other data.

Excellent support

Both Chameleon founders answer support messages and provide advice to customers. We release updates daily and can prioritise your feature requests.

Focus on security

We rely on best-in-class infrastructure, invite vulnerability reports and enforce good practice amongst employees. Read our security overview here.

Roadmap for growth

We are backed by great investors and have a compelling product roadmap. Joining us now means you're part of our growth story.

The Platform for Better User Engagement

Use Chameleon to quickly create contextual and dynamic prompts to guide your users

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Build and launch a product tour in minutes. Change existing tours without waiting for release cycles or engineering resources.


Show variations to different groups of users, trigger tooltips based on actions users take and customize to your styling.


Automatically collect performance data, integrate with other tools and run tests to help you optimize your user onboarding.

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