See the power of Chameleon

Understand the benefits of using our platform

Create tours right inside your app

Make tours inside your application with just a few clicks using our sidebar editor. Tackle conversion, activation and retention without coding. Built for product managers, marketers and customer success teams.

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    Product tours that tell a story

    Master your product storytelling with unique user-specific hotspots, lightboxes, modals, and tooltips. Customize branding and build beautiful tutorials that match your product.

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    Create meaningful user interaction

    Target the right users with clear and well-timed tours and tooltips. Help people understand your product and guide their experience toward clearly defined product goals.

Launch your first tour in minutes

Start building engaging product tours and help users discover new or buried features. Setup is quick and easy: you can start building within a few minutes, with no coding necessary.

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    Easy to get started

    Install the Chameleon snippet (or use our Chrome extension) to build, preview and socialize. It takes a few minutes to make it easier for your users to understand your product.

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    One-click publishing

    Once the snippet is installed on your product, you can publish and unpublish tours, tooltips, and interactions with a single click. You have complete control over what your users experience.

Target specific users with your tours

Provide contextual help to your users - target users based on their attributes and actions. Show variations of your tours to different segments, and only show tips to those that need it.

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    Powerful segmentation options

    Use our segmentation builder using a combination of user attributes, product events and tour events to create smart segments to target.

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    Trigger tours using your data or ours

    Respond to what users are doing by showing tours based on in-product user actions. Send us this data or use our custom Event Selector to identify these right from the sidebar.

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    Share any tour with a link

    Publish and share your newest or most relevent tours, announce features, drive adoption and assist users through your product with Tour Links.

Integrate your tools with one click

We automatically collect data on the performance of your tours and send that to your favorite analytics tools. See all your user data holistically, including results from multivariate tests.

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    Simple 1-click integrations

    See how users interact with tours alongside their other in-product actions. Easily send Chameleon data to your preferred tool using our native integrations or API.

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    A/B test everything easily

    Better user onboarding comes from testing and iterations. Leverage and analyze with our multivariate testing framework to make your copy and designs more effective.

Don’t neglect your first user experience

Use Chameleon to easily build and optimize your product tours