Self-serve made simple

Increase activation with product tours, boost adoption with tooltips, get user feedback with surveys, and offer guidance with checklists.

Thousands of product-led companies have chosen Chameleon


What you get with Chameleon

One tool to manage all in-product engagement

For user onboarding, feature discovery, support, and feedback


Contextual and targeted in-product surveys

Build continuous feedback into your product throughout the user lifecycle


Highly customizable in-product widgets

Use as checklists or help menus to deepen user engagement and feature discovery.


Powerful flows for guidance and launches

Use banners, modals, hotspots, etc. to announce changes or guide users.


Tooltips provide in-line help to unblock users

Dynamically deploy wherever you discover users need more info, without engineering.

We saw a 4% increase in customer retention with Chameleon and it helped us 3X our NPS score!

Vlado Hruda
Staff Product Manager, Mixpanel


Beautiful, on-brand Experiences

Simple to get started, but with deep configuration available

  • Use your own fonts
    We automatically pull styles from your product
  • Icons 100
    Adjust anything with custom CSS
    Fine tune any element with your own custom CSS
  • Icons 100
    Configure templates
    Save templates to make it easy to build on-brand


Trigger in Real-Time, Leverage User Data

Only show relevant Experiences based on who users are, or what they did

  • Icons 300
    Properties, events, cohorts and more
    Target based on 'role', action taken, survey response etc.
  • Icons 300
    Real-time matching
    Experiences show immediately when user falls into target audience
  • Icons 300
    On page triggers
    Require hover, click or add a delay before a Step shows

User Experience

Lightweight, Easy to Use

Build in-context without awkward switching or conflicts

  • No ongoing engineering needed
    Create and deploy without any technical knowledge
  • Simplified controls
    Designed to avoid unnecessary complexity and clicks
  • Icons 300
    Performant for your users
    Builder uses Chrome Extension so end users have light payloads

Now we need to send customers fewer emails, and they feel more informed and included.

Jason Rose
Product Manager, SkySlope

The customer success mindset of the Chameleon team was a real differentiator

Jon White
VP Product, Highspot